Aug 6, 2012

RhoDeo 1232 Spaced

Hello, well my computer is still out of order, and sports, Olympic currently have kept me from what has to be done, i just love live tv and sports delivers most of that, unexpected things happening although tonight lightning struck again but then it is known that people who have been struck have a higher chance of being struck again (fact) so Bolt did it again and he will be the prime candidate to win the 100m in 4 years time. What happened at the tennis this afternoon was surprising but maybe not as much, as the 30 year old body of Federer clearly lacked enough recuperation power and the mind went with it, at least it was a match of sorts. Which was more than could be said of the female finale 'butch' williams mercilessly stamped her authority on the slender body of sharapova like a true 'brave' american. Enough of that i hardly watched the tennis plenty of other sports going on like badminton, fencing weightlifting, gymnastics where i found out this afternoon that how you do it is more important than what you do (how dissapointing).

On we go with Spaced season 2, it was nominated for an International Emmy Award in 2001 for Popular Arts.
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A Brit Com focused on two twenty-something friends at crossroads in their lives. Tim (Simon Pegg) is a cynical aspiring comic book artist and geek who is dumped by his girlfriend in the first episode. Daisy (Jessica Stevenson) is a bubbly aspiring journalist who doesn't have anything to say nor the work ethic to say it. They pretend to be a couple in order to rent an inexpensive flat. The show focuses on their zany adventures as they struggle to get their lives on track. Tim's military-obsessed friend Mike, Daisy's ditzy glamour friend Twist, Mad Artist Brian in the flat below and dipsomaniac landlady Marsha complete the main cast. The show was written by its stars, Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson, and directed by Edgar Wright.

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While spending an evening on the town (well, Camden), Tim and Daisy run afoul of some young hooligans who accuse them of substituting oregano for marijuana. Meanwhile, Tim's nemesis Duane Benzie steals Tim's house keys in an act of revenge for the paintball incident. Daisy saves the day when she leverages her newfound knowledge of masculine telepathy.

Spaced 205 ( 200mb)

01 Gone 24:14

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