Oct 4, 2010

Earth Search

Hello, as announced a new sci-fi serial to enjoy for the coming 10 weeks , that is.. a lot can happen inbetween, but chances are we will not have been turned into spacedust yet.....So for now make way for ...

Earthsearch , a 10 part serial in time and space is a BBC Radio 4 science fiction series written by James Follett, comprising ten half-hour episodes orginaly broadcast between January and March 1981. There is also a novelisation by Follett under the same title. The series has been released on cassette and audio CD, and has been rerun several times on BBC 7 beginning in 2003.

The Setting

Some years before the story opens, the huge Earth starship Challenger, on a mission to find Earth-like planets for colonization, encountered a meteoroid shower that killed all of the adult crew and seriously damaged the ship. The only human survivors were four babies - two boys, Telson and Darv, and two girls, Sharna and Astra.The four have been raised from childhood by androids and tutored by two disembodied voices called Angel One and Angel Two. Most of the humans believe the voices are real angels, but Darv is more suspicious and believes they are actually computers. Darv is correct.

The Angels are the Challenger's ancillary control computers. Due to a fault in their design they have become megalomaniacal and want to return to Earth and rule it. It was they who deliberately manoeuvred the Challenger into the path of the meteoroids and shut off the ship's defences. Unfortunately for them, they underestimated the amount of damage that would result, not only to the ship but themselves. As a result they have lost an unknown amount of potentially vital information about the nature of space and time.....

Earthsearch 1-Planetfall (11mb)


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