Jul 1, 2008

Around the World (38)

Hello, Around the World stays in the sunshine with reggae from Jamaica, a double bill with a dubversion on the original another cracker from 77 by Horace "Sleepy" Andy ...get In The Light..Light..Light....

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Horace Andy ( Horace Hinds) started with his first recordings, "Blackman's Country" and "I May Never See My Baby" in 1967 for producer Phil Pratt, but he didn't gain instant success, to some extent maybe because he tried in vain to sound like his then idol, rocksteady singer Delroy Wilson As with so many reggae artists, Studio One helped Horace Andy to make himself a name as a singer with several singles and records he cut for Studio One producer Clement Dodd (who also gave him his stage name), notably such songs as "Skylarking", "See A Man's Face" and "Every Tongue Shall Tell". Another Studio One classic is "Mr.Bassie", his respect to bassist and member of The Heptones, Leroy Sibbles.

Very soon many of the leading producers wanted to make records with Sleepy, as Horace Andy is also known. He then recorded - among others - for Phil Pratt again. Many tunes for those and other producers were available only as Jamaican 45s and have disappeared long ago, after the first pressing was sold out. In 1977 Horace Andy teamed up with New York based producer Everton DaSilva and from this collaboration comes the outstanding set "In the Light", which was produced together by Andy and DaSilva with the stellar backing band of Michael Taylor and Leroy Sibbles on bass, Leroy Wallace and Noel Alphonso on drums, the legendary Augustus Pablo on keyboard, and Privy Dread on guitar. In the Light Dub was given the dub treatment from King Jammy. Tragically this partnership, which also gave birth to a bunch of singles and 12", came to a sudden end when Everton DaSilva was murdered in 1979.

During the Eighties Horace Andy continued releasing music on a regular basis both in Jamaica(among others for Jammy, Sly & Robbie and Bobby Digital) and in the USA on his own Rhythm imprint and for 'indie'-label Rough Trade. A highlight of this period is the album "Dance Hall Style", one of two records Horace did with producer Lloyd 'Bullwackie' Barnes.
In 1990 he was approached by Bristol-based hitmakers Massive Attack to join them for recordings. Since then he contributed vocals to all of Massive Attack's records and they even reworked some of his earlier tunes. Other work of the 90s are two sets produced by Mad Professor and various singles with drum & bass partnership Mafia & Fluxy in Kingston, JAM.
October 99 saw the release of "Living In The Flood", with the title track co-written by Joe Strummer. Mek It Bun was released in 2002. Horace Andy's latest album This World saw the light in 2005. He also featured on the world music project, 1 Giant Leap, and on the Easy Star All-Stars 2006 album, Radiodread.

Horace Andy - In The Light ( 77 ^ 173mb)

1 Do You Love My Music (4:01)
2 Hey There Woman (4:44)
3 Government Land (3:29)
4 Leave Rasta (4:05)
5 Fever (2:54)
6 In The Light (3:35)
7 Problems (4:09)
8 If I (4:05)
9 Collie Herb (4:16)
10 Rome (3:55)
11 Music Dub (4:02)
12 Dub There (4:48)
13 Government Dub (4:10)
14 Rasta Dub (3:51)
15 Fever Dub (2:38)
16 Dub The Light (3:12)
17 Problems Dub (3:10)
18 I & I (3:53)
19 Collie Dub (4:57)
20 Dub Down Rome (4:05)

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All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here !


stephen said...

Thanks for this. My copy of the Blood'n'Fire 2-for-1 CD disappeared years ago.

Chris Ward said...

Thanks for this, my CD of the two albums is wearing out after 10+ years of playing.

kamagra said...

I've got a similar music blog and this one isn't bad enough because you always post the best albums: it's all about good music and Horace Andy - In The Light Dub is the best one, specially if we're mentioning this rhythm 23jj

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Steve said...

I'm not sure if you're in a position where you can re-upload these two Horace Andy disc's, but if you are please do so! I can't tell you how long I've been looking for them, with absolutely no success. Regardless, thanks for continuing this great blog...one of my favorites!


Rho said...

You're In Luck Steve I just re-upped them into 1 file

Steve said...

Oh, man, I just can't thank you enough. I absolutely love this blog. I've been listening all weekend to the New Wave Club Class-X compilations you made available, and now this! You're fantastic!