Apr 10, 2016

Sundaze 1615


Psybient, also known as “Ambient Psy”, “Psychedelic Ambient”, “Ambient Goa”, “Ambient Psytrance” or simply chill out and more commonly within the Goa- Psytrance scene as “Psychill” & “Psydub”, is a genre of electronic music that combines elements of psychedelic trance, ambient, world music, new age and even ethereal wave. It often has many dub influences and can also sound somewhat like glitch. Psybient pieces are often structured around the concept of creating a “sonic voyage” or “musical journey”. Although similar to psytrance’s emphasis on maintaining non-stop rhythm throughout the night, psybient is far more focused on creating a vast soundscape that can be experienced over the length of an album, focusing less on beatmatching and allowing for a myriad of tempo changes. ........N'Joy

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Raja Ram (b. Ron Rothfield), who had trained as a jazz flautist in the 50s and played in the band Quintessence in the 60s, began making music with Graham Wood as the Infinity Project in 1989. Over the next few years they experimented with a kind of abstract techno gradually forming a sound that became known as the psychedelic or ‘Goa’ trance, often in collaboration with Simon Posford (Hallucinogen), Nick Barber (Doof) and Martin Freeland (Man With No Name). After producing material on DATs and white labels, in 1992 they started to release their music via the labels Fabulous (‘Freedom From The Flesh’), Spiritzone (‘Telepathy/Binary Neuronaut’) and Dragonfly Records (‘Bizarro’, ‘Time And Space’, ‘Super Booster’ and ‘Feeling Very Wierd’). In 1994, with Ian St. Paul they formed TIP Records and launched the label with ‘Stimuli/Uforica’. At the same time they worked on projects with Posford and others, including the Mystery Of The Yeti album (TIP 1996) and various releases as Total Eclipse. After an ambient album Mystical Experiences (1995) for Blue Room Released, they released ‘Alien Airport/Hyperspaced’ on TIP followed by the album Feeling Wierd which was mostly made up of their previous releases. In the spirit of the Goa scene Feeling Wierd was steeped in psychedelic hippie/sci-fi imagery. While tracks such as ‘Telepathy’, ‘Stimuli’ and the Doof remix of ‘Hyperspaced’ successfully blend the rigid four-on-the-floor rhythms, modal riffs, mysterious dialogue and abstract electronic phasing and filter sweeps that characterize the early psy-trance sound, ‘Noises From The Darkness’ and the early track ‘Freedom From The Flesh’ (written 1992) sound rather limp in comparison. In 1997, the group released the single ‘Overwind/Incandescence’ and contributed the excellent, but rather dark ‘Mindboggler’ to the TIP compilation 3D Wood also began recording as Excess Head for TIP’s subsidiary 10 Kilo while Ram continued to work with Posford as Shpongle. By 1998 the Infinity Project had split-up to concentrate on individual projects.

The Mystery of the Yeti is a Goa trance concept album conceived and arranged by Ron Rothfield (a.k.a. Raja Ram). It was collaboratively produced by Raja Ram and Graham Wood of The Infinity Project; Stéphane Holweck, Loïc Van Poucke, and Serge Souque (the founding members of Total Eclipse); and Simon Posford (aka Hallucinogen). The Mystery of the Yeti was an early and influential concept album in psychedelic trance music. Three years after recording it, all the Mystery of the Yeti artists, except for Graham Wood, collaborated on a follow-up album: The Mystery of the Yeti, Part 2

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This album is the definition of “psychedelic” ambient. You don’t find the sounds of nature as in normal ambient. Except for the magical flute of Raja Ram, and occasionally some ethnic sounds, the most part of it is made of multiple sound layers and lots of melodies which are always in motion. It’s complimented with loads of psychedelic effects and some tracks have a broken beat. Also there is a heavy dubby bass most times which when coupled with some broken beat as explained above the music will surprisingly move you and still kick ass despite this being ambient. With Simon Posford's presence It gives off the vibe of being a precursor to Shpongle due to both his influence and Raja Ram's flute playing. Great sober, high, and while tripping on a psychedelic substance. Even in 2016, a full 20 years later, this album still sounds mystical and futuristic.

Infinity Project - Mystical Experiences  (flac  407mb)

01 When Sound Becomes Colour 6:14
02 Mystical Experiences 10:34
03 The Answer 10:35
04 High Insert 0:06
05 Morfioso 4:54
06 Flute Line 2:21
07 Flying 6:21
08 Blue Aura 3:19
09 Alien Patrol 6:24
10 Under The Overtones 19:58
11 Blue Aura (Weird Meeting) 2:38

Infinity Project - Mystical Experiences   (ogg  174 mb)

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As we catapault towards the millenium on a sonic search for the ultimate musical mindflip, T.I.P. (truffle hunters extraordinaire...) continue to discover further levels, exploring the sparkling  arena of third dimensional aural travelling.  "3D".  What is it?  The Third Dimension is non-flat, has space, height, backs & fronts, ups and downs, ins and outs, sculptured, moulded, raised, light and shaded graded with depth

Deeper more powerful, round the corner soundage, the curve of the threshold; growling, grunting, grinding hyper stuff, the sounds of the universe  being torn apart, cosmic births, ripping, tearing, pumping with a million suns in harmony as the eternal parties gratify a thousand screaming senses.  Crystallisation of electro, global trance becomes clear!  This is the super secret stash of maha creamage. Gravity sucks so this music may be dangerous for ultra straights, the feeble minded, the fainthearted or cunning linguists.  It may give you the munchies and will definitely grab you by the balls... of your feet, reverberating the full spectrum of your cranium.

The Infinity Project - Feeling Weird (flac 419mb) (Warning psy trance)

01 Telepathy 6:56
02 Hyperspaced (Doof Remix) 7:07
03 Freedom From The Flesh 7:00
04 Stimuli 5:32
05 Cybertropic 6:04
06 Uforica (Paul Jackson Remix) 6:31
07 Binary Neuronaut 4:44
08 Noises From The Darkness 6:27
09 Feeling Very Weird 6:21
10 Noises From The Darkness (Dub) 7:35

The Infinity Project - Feeling Weird (ogg   156mb)

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The members of Mystery of the Yeti have made an ancient, mystical and spiritual album. Mystery of the Yeti is an ambient goa trance/tribal/downtempo group that focuses on creating immersive soundscapes. Their only release, 1996's "The Mystery of the Yeti", is a chronicling of the legend of twelve Himalayan tribes making a journey to a sacred mountain, with hopes to discover the mystery of the yeti. In this journey the provide us, ambient and goa trance are the two leading forces. From completely beatless ambient companied with natural elements such as water and thunder, animals, chants and roars to full blown goa tunes with climbing liquid melodies. This album is made as an journey, listen it from start to finish and climb to the Himalayas in the search of the Abominable Snowman. Always accompanied with Raja Ram's flute each of these songs are perfect.

The Mystery Of The Yeti - The Mystery Of The Yeti  (flac  313mb)

01 The Call-The Journey15:30
02 Tribal Gathering 14:32
03 The Yeti Revelation-Sacred Communication 12:00
04 A 'Welcome' To All Extra Terrestrials 14:55

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

This is a serious 4 part electronic fable performed & composed by the 4 leading tech-trance artists in the world today. Process - Hallucinogen - Total Eclipse - Doof; with a little help from Raja Ram - TIP & Shpongle. This musical epic is the journey to find the fabled yeti high up in the himalayas and beyond.

I think this Mystery of the Yeti misses something, that the first one had, where all the artists worked together on all the tracks. Every song vary quite a bit from each other and that always bothers the journey, that a compilation of this kind is supposed to produce. The first two songs are very promising and lifts onee up to different dimensions, especially Hallucinogen's Herb Garden, which is one of the best tracks he's made.

The Mystery Of The Yeti II (Extra Terrestrial Ambience) (flac 276mb)

01 Process - Under Mount Kailash 16:45
02 Hallucinogen - The Herb Garden 14:37
03 Total Eclipse - Freefalling Upwards 15:21
04 Doof - High On Mount Kailash 13:24

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