Apr 9, 2016

RhoDeo 1614 Grooves

Hello, divine grooves here today to cleanse your soul from the negatives projected on you by crazy US politics,  tax evaders and the minions that enable them. Meanwhile the refugee crises in Europe remains a miserey.

Today's music in general is characterized by dominant vocals (often with strong use of harmony) referencing lyrics of a Christian nature. The creation, performance, significance, and even the definition of gospel music varies according to culture and social context. Gospel music is composed and performed for many purposes, including aesthetic pleasure, religious or ceremonial purposes, and as an entertainment product for the marketplace. Gospel music usually has dominant vocals (often with strong use of harmony) with Christian lyrics.. ... N'joy

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Coming out of the African American religious experience, gospel music can be traced to the early 17th century Gospel music has roots in the black oral tradition, and typically utilizes a great deal of repetition. The repetition of the words allowed those who could not read the opportunity to participate in worship. During this time, hymns and sacred songs were lined and repeated in a call and response fashion, and the Negro spirituals and work songs emerged. Repetition and "call and response" are accepted elements in African music, designed to achieve an altered state of consciousness we sometimes refer to as "trance", and strengthen communal bonds.

The first published use of the term ″Gospel Song" probably appeared in 1874 when Philip Bliss released a songbook entitled Gospel Songs. A Choice Collection of Hymns and Tunes. It was used to describe a new style of church music, songs that were easy to grasp and more easily singable than the traditional church hymns. The revival movement employed popular singers and song leaders, the most famous of them being Ira D. Sankey. The original gospel songs were written and composed by authors such as George F. Root, Philip Bliss, Charles H. Gabriel, William Howard Doane, and Fanny Crosby. As an extension to his initial publication Gospel Songs, Philip Bliss, in collaboration with Ira D. Sankey issued no’s. 1 to 6 of Gospel Hymns in 1875.

The holiness-Pentecostal movement, or sanctified movement, appealed to people who were not attuned to the Europeanized version of black church music. Pentecostal churches readily adopted and contributed to the gospel music publications of the early 20th century. Late 20th-century musicians such as Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Mahalia Jackson, Andrae Crouch, and the Blackwood Brothers either were raised in a Pentecostal environment, or have acknowledged the influence of that tradition.

The advent of radio in the 1920s greatly increased the audience for gospel music. In African-American music, gospel quartets developed an a cappella style following the earlier success of the Fisk Jubilee Singers. The 1930s saw the Fairfield Four, the Dixie Hummingbirds, the Five Blind Boys of Mississippi, the Five Blind Boys of Alabama, The Soul Stirrers, the Swan Silvertones, the Charioteers, and the Golden Gate Quartet. Racism divided the nation, and this division did not skip the church. If during slavery blacks were treated as inferior inside the white churches, after emancipation they formed their own separate churches. The gospel groups which were very popular within the black community, were virtually unknown to the white community.

In addition to these high-profile quartets, there were many black gospel musicians performing in the 1920s and 30s, usually playing the guitar and singing in the streets of Southern cities. Famous among them were Blind Willie Johnson, Blind Joe Taggart and others. It has been said that 1930 was the year when modern gospel music began, because the National Baptist Convention first publicly endorsed the music at its 1930 meeting.

Following the Second World War, gospel music moved into major auditoriums, and gospel music concerts became quite elaborate. In 1950, black gospel was featured at Carnegie Hall when Joe Bostic produced the Negro Gospel and Religious Music Festival. He repeated it the next year with an expanded list of performing artists, and in 1959 moved to Madison Square Garden. Several forms of gospel music utilize choirs, use piano or Hammond organ, tambourines, drums, bass guitar and, increasingly, electric guitar.

Today, black gospel and white gospel are distinct genres, with distinct audiences. In white gospel, there is a large Gospel Music Association and a Gospel Music Hall of Fame, which includes a few black artists, such as Mahalia Jackson, but which ignores most black artists in the black community, James Cleveland established the Gospel Music Workshop of America in 1969.

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Rhino set their tasteful, selective hands on African American gospel music with this three-CD set, elaborately packaged to resemble a hardcover Bible. The reach of this collection is wide, beginning with a cappella jubilee-style singing from the '30s and ending with 1990s funk soul and gospel-flavored R&B. The selections are superb (Golden Gate Quartet, Highway Q.C.'s, Swan Silvertones, Reverend Cleveland, Inez Andrews, Shirley Caesar, Andraé Crouch, Oleta Adams, the Winans) and the sound quality surprising (you've never heard the Trumpeteers' gorgeous "Milky White Way" till you've heard this restored version). While this set offers few discoveries for the true fan, the 70-page book's essays are topnotch (notably those by Opal Louis Nations and Carol Cooper). As an introduction to an innovative, hugely influential, vital, thoroughly spiritual, and frequently misunderstood music, this collection delivers.

VA - Testify! The Gospel Box 1   (flac 185mb)

01 Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition - The Southern Sons Quartette
02 Stalin Wasn't Stallin' - The Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet
03 Milky White Way - The Trumpeteers
04 Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around - The Fairfield Four
05 That's Enough - Dorothy Love Coates & The Original Gospel Harmonettes
06 Just A Closer Walk WIth Thee - Sallie Martin Singers
07 Our Father - Original Five Blind Boys
08 Too Close To Heaven - The Bradford Special
09 Let's Go Out To The Programs - Dixie Hummingbirds
10 Amazing Grace - Rev. Maceo Woods
11 Alone And Motherless - The Original Five Blind Boys Of Alabama
12 Somewhere To Lay My Head - The Highway Q.C.'s
13 Uncloudy Day - The Staple Singers
14 All Things Are Possible - The Harmonizing Four
15 Didn't It Rain - Mahalia Jackson
16 The Love Of God - Voices Of The Tabernacle
17 Precious Lord - LaVern Baker
18 Mary Don't You Weep - The Swan Silvertones
19 One More River To Cross - The Meditation Singers
20 Good Enough For Me - Rev. James Cleveland & The Gosphel Chimes

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VA - Testify! The Gospel Box 2   (flac  448mb)

01 Mighty High - Mighty Clouds Of Joy
02 Oh Happy Day - The Edwin Hawkins Singers
03 Lord, Don't Move The Mountain - Inez Andrews
04 Mary, Don't You Weep - Aretha Franklin
05 I'll Trade A Lifetime - The O'Neal Twins
06 I Go To The Rock - Danniebelle Hall
07 Goin' Up Yonder - Walter Hawkins & The Love Center Choir
08 No Charge - Shirley Caesar
09 Peace In The Valley - The Gate City singers
10 Take My Hand, Precious Lord - Marion Williamswith Prof. Thomas A. Dorsey
11 How I Got Over - Clara Ward & The Ward Singers
12 Walk Around Heaven All Day - The Caravans
13 Strange Man - Dorothy Love Coates
14 Changed - Walter Hawkins & The Love Center Choir
15 My Tribute - Andrae Crouch

VA - Testify! The Gospel Box 2    (ogg 176mb)


VA - Testify! The Gospel Box 3   (flac 486mb)

01 Show Up! - The New Life Community Choir
02 Stand - Ron Winans Presents Family & Friends IV
03 Spread Love - Take 6
04 Tomorrow - The Winans
05 Rough Side Of The Mountain - Rev. F.C. Barnes & The Red Budd Combined Choir
06 Be Encouraged - William Becton & Friends
07 A Message For The Saints - Donald Lawrence & The Tri-City Singers
08 I Believe - Sounds Of Blackness
09 Deep River/Campground - Cissy Houston
10 How I Depend On You - The Williams Brothers
11 Holy Is The Lamb - Oleta Adams
12 Order My Steps - GMWA Women Of Worship
13 The Battle Is The Lord's - Yolanda Adams
14 Dear God - Boyz II Men
15 I Love The Lord - Whitney Houston With The Georgia Mass Choir

VA - Testify! The Gospel Box 3  (ogg  170mb)

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