Sep 21, 2018

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There are DJs and then there are selectors -- individuals whose ability to choose what records people want to hear overtakes the need for turntable skills. Just having the stamp of approval on a record is enough to qualify it as good. Often, these gifted ears find their way onto the radio, and in time get digitized.  ....N'Joy

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In what has so far been a fairly dependable series of hand-picked artists by Artists compilations, the Abstract Funk Theory baton is passed onto brothers Simon and Robin Lee who collectively make up the production unit Faze Action. True to the music that rolls out of their studio, laced with strings, afro-disco accents and soulful composition, this selection reveals directly the source of inspiration. Hence the emphasis like their own music revolves heavily around pristine productions from yesteryear, a connoisseurs range of classics, oddities and hidden treasures. Staking his 11-minute claim on the album Herb Geller is given right of way for "Sudden Senility", a sweeping vocal jazz odyssey of tight drum break, clean electric guitar, peppered horns, dashes of electronics and obligatory strings. Backing up Gellers sheer excellence is also the Beach Boys-layered "God Only Knows", another slice of production genius that needs no explanation. On top of those Pat Metheny, Azymuth, Johnny Hammond and Talking Heads are all saluted, with lesser known but equally stealthlike productions from Brain Bennett's "Solstice" and James Vincent's "Space Traveler" adding the cosmic groove rhetoric from 30 years ago. In all, this is a watertight compilation that answers the brief unanimously, unashamedly revealing the roots of their two own albums Plans and Designs and Moving Cities. This is a well put together album with a definite structure to it. The tracks are both exciting and full of talent at the same time, which results in a very splendid voyage into cosmic funk.

 VA - Abstract Funk Theory ~ Faze Action   (flac  322mb)

01 Space - Carry on, Turn Me On 8:21
02 Richard Evans - Burning Spear 5:50
03 James Vincent - Space Traveler 3:28
04 Brian Bennett - Solstice 6:21
05 Mandré - Light Years (Opus IV) 7:15
06 Creative Source - Let Me in Your Life 3:06
07 Azymuth - Dear Limmertz 4:20
08 Electric City - What's Up 3:33
09 The Undisputed Truth - Sandman 4:17
10 Johnny "Hammond" Smith - Star Borne 8:06
11 The Beach Boys - God Only Knows 2:49

 VA - Abstract Funk Theory ~ Faze Action (ogg   120mb)

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US production don Kevin Yost has made a name for himself by creating consistently beautiful and textured jazz-influenced house music. Here he takes the Abstract Funk Theory baton, presenting a more in-depth look at the music he loves to play and to make. To get a good measure of Yost's talents, there are four solo tracks on this compilation that underline his quest for diversity and his uncanny knack of producing a range of sounds and styles. Not many would be capable of making the exuberant jazz-Latino chugger "Hypnotic Progressions Part 4", the potent builder "Tease", the darker, experimental "Where Was We" and the lush, vibes-fuelled finale track "Fusion Fetish" all quite so well. Around and in-between these solo efforts are numerous other erudite flavours from friends/guests such as STP ("Busy People"), Big Sexy ("Close to My Skin") and Peter Funk ("Do You Believe in Me?", "Cotton Candy Funk", "Joy and Pain"). There are also several collaborations between Yost and these producers, which help to make this an enjoyable and colourful romp while adding another feather in an already furry Obsessive cap.

VA - Abstract Funk Theory ~  Kevin Yost   (flac  475mb)

01 Peter Funk - Do You Believe In Me? (Original Mix) 5:24
02 STP - Things Unsaid 5:52
03 Kevin Yost - Hypnotic Progressions (Part 4) 4:41
04 Peter Funk - Cotton Candy Funk 6:14
05 Peter Funk - Joy & Pain 5:08
06 Kevin Yost - Tease 4:58
07 Big Sexy - Close To My Skin 6:54
08 STP - Busy People 7:01
09 Kevin Yost - Where Were We 5:46
10 STP - An American In Paris 6:02
11 Big Sexy - Another World (Passport Remix) 6:19
12 Big Sexy - Just Like Me 4:11
13 Kevin Yost - Fusion Fetish 5:01

VA - Abstract Funk Theory ~  Kevin Yost   (ogg  176mb)

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The Lo-Fidelity All Stars contribution to the Abstract Funk Theory series is a great mix of true old school soul sounds, funky house beats and remixed British rhythms. Like their On The Floor At The Boutique mix disc from 2000, The Lo Fi Allstars’ AFT collection explores the diverse origins of their acid techno-rock. Similarly eclectic bands feature here, with alternative country chamber pop from Lambchop and neo-psychedelic indie from Mercury Rev snuggling up alongside the smooth urban soul of Bill Withers, funky hip hop from New Flesh, Balearic beats from AJ Scent and Detroit techno from Derrick May’s Rhythim Is Rhythim, all topped off with Al Wilson’s classic Northern Soul floor-filler, “The Snake”.The Emotion's "Blind Alley" is the finest cut, and a reminder of why the Hutchinson sisters were the best "girl band" of their day. Over a slinky Stax-style horn section, their three part harmonies are tremendous. This is a much rawer song than their later Maurice White produced work, but those glorious vocals ring through. The Lo-Fidelty's own "On The Pier" is also included, with its brilliant use of a sample from Joe Tex's "Oh Me Oh My" - it blends well with the 60's and 70's soul classics included on this mix.

VA - Abstract Funk Theory ~ Lo Fidelity Allstars (flac  415mb)

01 Mercury Rev - Holes 5:15
02 Bill Withers - Grandma's Hands (Live) 2:52
03 Lo-Fidelity Allstars - Zipp - Just Gone 5:12
04 New Flesh - Mack Facts 4:53
05 Capt. Funkaho - Bootay 1:57
06 Kid Acne - Ghosts With Teeth 2:53
07 The Jimmy Castor Bunch - Troglodyte (Caveman) 2:48
08 The Charlatans - You're So Pretty (Lo-Fi's Remix) 6:05
09 A-J-Scent - Eat Your Heart 4:25
10 Marlo - Wait Until The Morning 5:49
11 Lambchop - Up With People 5:24
12 Al Wilson - The Snake 3:30
13 The Emotions - Blind Alley 3:02
14 Lo-Fidelity Allstars - On The Pier (Ropeman Mix) 3:40
15 Rhythim Is Rhythim - Kao-tic Harmony 6:27

VA - Abstract Funk Theory ~ Lo Fidelity Allstars (ogg  150mb)

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