Apr 13, 2018

RhoDeo 1814 Grooves

Hello, been away last week (postings were scheduled) hence no re-ups, consequently there will be plenty next week, that is presuming WO III hasn't been started by that silly person in the White House...

Today a very well picked & stylish collection of acid jazz/ jazzdance/ hip hop at first, expanding into trip hop, latin grooves, trip hop & jungle on later releases. Most tracks compiled by dj Patrick Forge of Da Lata fame. The combination of funk and jazz with hip hop beats and Latin rhythms, originated in the late 1980s from the club revival of old jazz and funk records (weird grooves). The sampling of jazz and funk, with the aim of finding a hook or groove for a new song, is also called acid jazz. The genre was especially popular in England, where groups such as Incognito, Jamiroquai and Brand New Heavies made good decorations in the nineties with a smooth jazz funk sound. Jazzdance shares many style characteristics with fusion and jazz rock, although jazz dance (through the use of danceable drum loops) is more focused on the dance floor. ..... 'N Joy

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The Rebirth of Cool series was one of Patrick Forge's projects that would last through-out the 90's. He was involved in quite a bit at the time of this one and the time represented a pivotal juncture in musical paths and careers. Several genres were on the verge of taking off; from underground to electronic to nu-bossa and break-beats, Patrick was in the middle of it all - and then some. Also spinning with Gilles Peterson and the radio shows, to various other projects that existed and would soon exist like Batu and Da Lata, these were truly exciting times. And meshing with a general musical sentiment, you had this series in a time when acid-jazz and music from all over the world was kind of coming together.

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The Rebirth Of Cool Vol. 1   (flac 414mb)

01 Gang Starr - Jazz Thing
02 X-Clan - Raise The Flag
03 MC Mell'O' - Open Up Your Mind
04 Soho - Hot Music (Jazz Mix)
05 Dream Warriors - My Definition Of A Boombastic Jazz Style (The Next Definition)
06 Izit - Make Way For The Solos
07 Galliano - Welcome To The Story (Peace Go With You Mix)
08 Young Disciples - Step Right On (Vocal Dub Mix)
09 A Tribe Called Quest - If The Papes Come
10 Skatemaster Tate - Joe's Jam
11 Laquan - Witness The Drift
12 Stetsasonic - Talkin' All That Jazz
13 Caveman - Introduction To A Caveman
14 Young MC - I Come Off (Southern Comfort Mix)
15 C.F.M. Band - Jazz It Up

.The Rebirth Of Cool Vol. 1  (ogg  169mb)

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The Rebirth Of Cool Vol. 2    (flac 541mb)

01 Dream Warriors Feat Gang Starr - I've Lost My Ignorance (And Don't Know Where To Find It 4:16
02 Kid Frost - La Raza 3:28
03 Manu Dibango - Senga Abele (Lion Roar) 7:13
04 Ronny Jordan - Cool And Funky 5:02
05 Mica Paris - I Should've Known Better 5:03
06 Brand Nubian - All For One 4:53
07 UMC'S - One To Grow On 3:33
08 Noel McKoy - Family 5:09
09 Lalomie Washburn - Try My Love 4:45
10 Outlaw - Kickin' Jazz 5:10
11 Main Source - Looking At The Front Door 4:10
12 Slam Slam Feat Gang Starr - Free Your Feelings 3:57
13 Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - Go With The Flow 4:57
14 The Bygraves - Set Me Free 5:35
15 Chapter And The Verse - Black Whip 3:35
16 Dodge City Productions - The Slow Jam 6:13

The Rebirth Of Cool Vol. 2  (ogg  179mb )

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 The Rebirth Of Cool Vol. 3    (flac  571mb)

01 Jazz Warriors - Chameleon 6:47
02 Courtney Pine Feat. Juliet Roberts - Life Goes Around 4:17
03 The Subterraneans Feat. Mardou Fox & Jonzi - Taurus Woman 4:04
04 Dana Bryant - Dominican Girdles 5:17
05 Opaz - Don't Say Nothin' 4:29
06 Stereo MC's Fever 3:13
07 Ronny Jordan - Bad Brother 5:14
08 D-Influence - Good Lover (Touch Mix) 4:59
09 MC Solaar - Caroline 6:20
10 The Brecker Brothers - Big Idea (Shortwave) 4:20
11 Lisa Taylor - Did You Pray Today (Extended R&B Mix) 4:50
12 Greg Osby - Man Talk (Talkin' Loud Mix) 4:45
13 Martine Girault - Revival (Rebirth Edit) 4:58
14 Dodge City Productions - People (Come On) 4:19
15 United Future Organization - Loud Minority (Club Mix) 4:51
16 Freestyle Fellowship - Inner City Boundaries 4:38

The Rebirth Of Cool Vol. 3  (ogg  187mb)

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The Rebirth Of Cool Vol. 4   (flac 380mb)

01 DJ Krush - Just Wanna Touch Her (Stoned Jazz Mix) 6:52
02 Simplē E - Play My Funk 3:46
03 Tranquility Bass - Cantamilla 4:36
04 Ronny Jordan - My Favourite Things 5:33
05 Tricky - Aftermath 4:02
06 Batu - Earthsong 4:49
07 Outside - Crazy 5:41
08 Palm Skin Productions - Spock With A Beard 4:59
09 Tone Productions - World Mutation (Made In His Image) 4:37
10 Mondo Grosso - Tree, Air And Rain On The Earth 5:24
11 Burning Spear - Great Men's Dub 4:11
12 Bread & Butter - Soul Of The People 1:30

. The Rebirth Of Cool Vol. 4  (ogg  133mb)

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Ian McPhee said...

Recently discovered your excellent blog. Love the dedication and access to hear these gems. Even Spotify don't have the majority of this stuff. Great work - many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much.